I am going to go over the changes to various types of transactions on the individual’s payslip that could affect the employee.

  • Changes in taxation.
  • Changes in medical aid structures.
  • Changes in pension or provident fund percentages or formulas.
  • Changes to the UIF percentages or limit.
  • Changes in interest percentages on loans or savings deductions.
  • New earnings or deductions that have not been used before, eg – a garnishee order.

Information that must be entered for individual employees, include:

  • Normal hours worked for all staff members.
  • Short hours worked where applicable.
  • Overtime hours worked.
  • Advances, loans or savings deductions.
  • Leave pay and leave deductions for weekly employees going on leave.
  • Christmas shutdown.
  • Increases for individual employees.
  • Bonuses for individual employees.
  • Any adjustments to information which was incorrectly entered in previous period.

Updating Employee leave records:

All annual leave, sick leave or other leave days taken must be entered into Pastel.  Leave is subject to company policy legislation, and it is therefore important that the payroll person/consultant is always up to date with the company policy.  For example, payroll person/consultant needs to know where the employee must produce a doctor’s certificate if he/she is absent from work due to illness for more than two days.

Annual leave records must always be kept up to date, since the company is required to make provision for the paying out of any leave days due to the employees should their employment be terminated.

Depending on the company policy it might be required to increase the employee’s leave entitlement in certain circumstances.  Company policy will define when leave entitlement will change.