Our payroll administration is a detailed process and is accompanied by other additional services that complement our service offering. We use a trusted system, the Sage Pastel Payroll System, to conduct all payroll activities.
  • Capture of all payroll information on a monthly / weekly / fortnightly basis for each client – for your convenience we will send you a form which you complete with this information.
  • Capture and maintain your employees’ leave – we can create a leave form for you with your company logo.
  • Ensure efficient delivery of payslips and reports – our payments are consistently completed timeously.
  • Professional prints of Sage Pastel payslips – this is for each employee should you wish to include this in your package or emailed payslips.
  • Complete EMP201 report – this will be submitted to SARS via e-filing on a monthly basis.
  • Submit UIF declaration to the Department of Labour on a monthly basis.
  • Provide reports detailing all payment you need to make to third parties such as SARS, UIF, SDL, medical aids, pension / provident fund and union report (if applicable)
  • Provide reports pertaining to your company such as company reconciliations, remuneration lists broken down to each employee, leave summaries, leave provisions and deductions reports.
Company logos on standard forms, such as the ones listed below, are provided at no additional cost.
  • Authorisation for garnish orders
  • Travel form
  • Overtime sheet
  • Leave forms
  • Change of banking details
  • Banking details form
  • Personal details form
We also assist, for a nominal fee, with the registration of employees for UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injury and Diseases – this was previously known as workmen’s compensation) and SDL (Skills Development Levy).

We are also able to draw up employment contracts for a small once-off fee.

Still unsure if it’s a wise choice to outsource your payroll services? These advantages should change your mind.

Why Outsource Payroll Services